21 septembre 2013

Coeur de Lion - Ariana Reines

What made me cry in class was how tired
I was and how sad and hard
It is, and how rare, to undertake an act
That's truly free, and not just a response
To a confused surge of drives and fears."

"Maybe long ago things were too
Too solid, and now we live in an ether
Of ex-sentiments, impossible
To make sense of except for wet
Panties, something that even
In hindsight might never
Consolidate into a real emotion.
It's been so easy for you
To disengage yourself from your
Behavior, as though you really
Were conjectural, as though
Your desire really were as limitless
And general as the fucking internet.
You keep on saying
That you bear no grudges (our mutual
Friends tell me this) but I really
Wish you would."